Even More on Balancing the Budget

This week, we’ll finish working our way through the various categories as we work to balance the Money Management Plan.



  • Go to doctors that participate in your company’s health insurance plan
  • Compare prices for medical care, prescriptions, and so on
  • Use health department services when possible
  • Get low-cost care at dental schools or dental assistant programs
  • For prescriptions, ask your doctor about using generic drugs.  Do not hesitate to ask your doctor about free samples.
  • Check out online prescription discount programs such as www.pparx.com.



  • Do as much shopping as possible at discount stores.
  • Use cash eliminating use of your credit and or debit cards if overspending is a problem.
  • Pack lunches instead of eating out
  • Limit subscriptions.  Instead borrow from friends or library.
  • For gifts, shop with cash only.  Make gifts where possible.



Consider increasing your monthly income temporarily by decreasing or eliminating retirement plan contributions (unless company provides matching funds) until you are able to eliminate debt to balance the budget.


Child Care/School Expenses

  • Consider removing child from private school; home school instead.
  • Ask for scholarship from private schools.
  • Trade work at school for partial tuition.
  • Consider having one parent get a job at the private school for tuition reduction.
  • Provide daycare for others instead of paying for daycare.


Don’t forget to read Part 1 – Do you know what you spend?, Part 2 – Organizing What You Spend, Part 3 – Making a Money Management Plan, Part 4 – Balancing the Budget, and Part 5 – More on Balancing the Budget if you have not already done so.

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