Budgeting Series
Part 1 – Do you know what you spend?
Part 2 – Organizing What You Spend
Part 3 – Making a Money Management Plan
Part 4 – Balancing the Budget
Part 5 – More on Balancing the Budget
Part 6 – Even More on Balancing the Budget
Part 7 – Reviewing Your Money Management Plan

Budgeting My Time
Financial Goals
Financial Ponderings…
My Financial Goals
Time to Tweak your Money Management Plan
Why Worry About Money?

0 percent APR Credit Cards for a limited time to help with paying down small debts?
Debt Snowball

Children and Summer
College Book Shopping and Savings
Communication is Key
Family Time
Free Educational Classes
Make Your Own Baby Food
Quality or Quantity
Should I Teach My Children Finances?
What If My Spouse Doesn’t Want to Budget?

Brand Name or Store Brand
Expensive Food Item? Then Clone it!
Free Garden Compost
Know Your Sales
Price Comparing
Time for Gardening

My Health is an Investment

Home and Auto
Alternatives to Foreclosure
Car Maintenance – Is It Worth It?
Foreclosure – Smart or Not Smart?
Natural House Cleaning

Do I really need to be saving 10 percent of my salary given I’m in my early 20s and don’t make a lot of money?
Prepare for a Rainy Day
Save Money By Not Spending Money
Saving for Large Purchases
Saving for What?
Why We All Need Emergency Funds

Giving of My Time
Share and Share Alike

Planning a Trip on a Budget
Planning a Trip with Children

Oh, Give Thanks!
Owner or Steward?
Setting Goals for 2014
Take Time for Yahweh (God)
Wants versus Needs
What one thing???

Wise Time Management

Budgeting on a Limited Income
Cell Phone Shopping
DIY or Hire a Professional
Finances for Singles
Find a Second Use
Finding Freebies
Hints for Thrift Store Shopping
Hosting a Group
Organize your Record Keeping
Pictures – Worth a Thousand Words
Planning Ahead for Tax Season

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