Financial Goals

Setting financial goals is very important in order to achieve financial goals.  Just as Scripture tells us that a people without a vision will perish, so will our finances without goals or a vision.

Begin by praying and asking Yahweh for direction. Then dream big. If you could do anything, what would it be? Is this something you feel like the Heavenly Father would like for you to do? Then think practically. What are some practical items you would like to accomplish like paying off your car? Or your school loans? Or your home? Maybe saving an emergency fund? Or for a vacation?

Make a list of each of these items. Then categorize them into the order of importance. Finally, set some dates that you would like to accomplish them by. Would it be possible to put an extra $50 each month towards your car payment and pay it off a year early? Or how about saving $25 a month and having an emergency fund with $250 in it by the end of 2013?

Having goals is very important and helps us stay focused. So being praying about, dreaming, and listing your goals this week all the while continuing to live by and follow your Money Management Plan.

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