How to Dress Well on Less

A woman’s wardrobe can often get quite costly; however, it does not have to be so.  A lady can dress really nice without breaking the bank.  So how can a lady dress well on less?  Here are a few tips on how to do so.

Note from Jason (founder of One Money Design Financial Blog):  I think these tips can work for dudes too!  

1.  Begin by picking items that can easily mix and match.  I personally wear a lot of skirts which can be worn year round all I have to do is choose the shirt for the appropriate weather – long, short, or three-quarters length sleeve.  I can also choose to do a layered look on the shirts and come up with a totally different style.  I can do a casual or fancy shirt and take the skirt from everyday to quite fancy.  This even makes it easy for you to travel lightly with quite a varied wardrobe.

2.  Shop sales especially the clearance racks.  It is amazing to me what you can find for fifty to seventy five percent off.  Making expensive pieces of clothing much more affordable.  While the racks are often hidden in the back of the store, there is a very great selection to be found if you will but take the time to find those hidden gems.

3.  Enjoy the thrift store!  I used to not shop at one and what fun I was missing.  I have found clothing that even still has its tags on it!  It is quite thrilling to me as a bargain hunter to find an almost new shirt or skirt for three or four dollars.  In fact at this current time, I believe my closet is about half full of my thrift store finds.

4.  Stop by garage sales.  It is amazing what you can find at garage sale.  We have a community near us where they are known to replace their couches every two years just to keep up with “fashion.”  You can find quite the treasures at their garage sales.

5.  Consignment shops are another option.  They are a bit more pricey as all the items are sold on consignment; however, they are less costly than brand new.  I have found some very nice items there as well.

6.  Buy off season.  Buying summer clothes in the fall allows you to take advantage of the sales.  Take inventory of what items may need replacing as well as are lacking at the end of a season.  This also gives you time to shop for what you need and not have to go our shopping in a rush.

7.  Consider a clothes swap with your friends.  We all often have items that we would prefer for something else.  Find a group of friends who are around the same size and plan an evening of fun, fellowship, food, and clothes!  Everyone will come away with something new to them.

As you can see, with a bit of creativity, you can find a very nice and varied wardrobe at a price that will not break your budget.

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