We cannot offer you everything, so we link to selected other resources that we feel would be a blessing to you.  Please realize we may not agree with everything that each ministry offers but overall we feel they are a sound ministry.

Whitaker’s Farm Market – featuring natural care products, essential oils, natural and organic foods, bulk goods, family games, and more

Joined to HaShem Ministries (Mike Clayton) – torah lifestyle, survival, and understand the New Moon

Too Long in the Sun (Richard Rives) – exposing the pagan roots of Christianity with the Truth.

The Creation Gospel (Hollisa Alewine) – a foundational teaching study that unveils the work of the Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation through the light of the menorah.

Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int’l (Eddie Chumney) – teaching on the feasts and our Hebrew roots

Torah Life Ministries (Paul Nison) – healthy living from a Torah perspective

Lion and Lamb Ministries (Monte Judah) – teaching on the Hebrew roots

Wisdom in Torah (Rico Cortes) – weekly Torah portion and teachings from an engaging Messianic teacher

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