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Biblical Health
NEW!!!!!   Why I Chose to Become a Naturopathic Doctor

Living a Torah Walk
Biblical Response to Tolerance
Learning to Be Content: The Secret Ingredient
NEW!!!!!   Life is a Journey
Make Study Time a Priority
The Meditation of My Heart and the Power of Thoughts
What is the Balance of Living by Faith and Preparing?
You Shall Not Bear False Witness

Young People
Being a Daddy’s Girl
Thoughts on the Book “It’s Not That Complicated: How to Relate to Guys in a Healthy, Sane, and Biblical Way”
Waiting, Watching, or Walking – Making the Most of My Single Years
What is a Girl to Do?
The Discipline of Singleness


How to Cancel a Credit Card
What Are My Options to Get Out of Credit Card Debt?
What Does the Bible Say About Debt?
Which Debt Do I Pay Off First?
Will Canceling Your Credit Cards Hurt Your Credit Score?
Zero Interest Loan a Good Idea?

Bad Economy Survival Tips
Dealing with Money Worries
Ten Tips to Help Survive and Save Money in a Bad Economy

Communication Tips on Finances
5 Ideas for a Fun and Safe Summer
Graduation Party on a Budget
House Cleaning on a Budget
How Children Can Earn Money
How to Talk to Your Elderly Parents about their Finances
Talk to Your Spouse about Money: Helpful Guidelines
Tips to Design on a Dime
What to Do on Your First Date without Busting the Budget

Easy Crockpot Meals
How To Eat Healthy on a Budget
Money Saving Tips for Gardening
Planting a Garden to Save Money
Tips to Buying Organic Foods on a Budget

Can Alternative Health Options Save Money and Provide Better Health?
Preparing for the Loss of a Loved One
Why I Choose Medical Sharing Instead of Traditional Health Insurance

Amazon Prime Review
Dish Network vs Direct TV
Manilla Review
Pear Budget Review
Savvy Money Review
SmartyPig Review
Spring Coin Review
The Entertainment Book: Good Deal?

How to Save Money on Your Utility Bill
Tips on How to Start Saving Money and Develop a Savings Habit

Give and Have Overflowing Joy?
Tithing from a Hebraic Perspective

How to Save Money at an Amusement Park
Staycation Ideas to Save Money

Dress Well for Less
How Managing Finances Can Be Life Changing (Part of Jocelin’s Testimony)
Managing the Other 90%
Need versus Want
Purpose of Money
The Importance of Teamwork!
Vanity: Is It Worth It?
Walking in Faith Versus Living in Reality
Why I’m turning my Bible Green

How to Handle Being Laid Off from Work
What Computer Should I Buy?
Using Social Networking to Grow My Career

Be Prepared for An Insurance Claim
Changing Cell Phone Carriers Tips
Characteristics of a Trusted Financial Advisor or Counselor
Guarding Your Web Presence
Old Cell Phone Uses
Tips on How to Save Money for a Large Event
Top 10 Gift Ideas for Men
Understanding the Impact of an Insurance Claim

Spreadsheets and Other Resources
Biblical Finances (List of All Money References in Pdf)
Monthly Money Management Worksheet (Excel)
Monthly Money Management Worksheet (Pdf)
Spending Diary (Excel)
Spending Diary (Pdf)
Debt List (Excel)
Debt List (Pdf)
Inventory and Net Worth (Excel)
Inventory and Net Worth (Pdf)

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